Women’s Premier Futsal League

The Women’s Premier Futsal League Due To Launch in 2016

Major League Futsal will be launching the official premier league for women in 2016, the WPFL will play alongside the NPFL in the summer league, in hopes of gaining enough traction to launch the MLF Professional Women’s League in 2017. With so many women’s teams calling the MLF main office asking when the MLF is going to launch a women’s side to the MLF. MLF decided that there is no better time like the present time.

The WPFL will operate under the sanction of U.S. Futsal and will be the governed by the board of the directors of MLF. For the 2016 season the WPFL will perform under MLF exhibition status, giving new programs a chance to play in a structured competitive league without all the national travel. The league will be kept local and regional until 2017 when Major League Futsal introduces the MLF Pro Women’s League, that will operate alongside the Men’s division.

Right now there are many MLF teams with an adult women’s side that can play exhibition matches with other teams in their division. But the MLF wants to organize these teams and give them a league of their own. The MLF believes that the women’s side of MLF will take off and provide the youth players in North America a direct pipeline to the pros.

In the future the WPFL will continue to be the springboard for the MLF Pro-Women’s League just like the NPFL will do for the MLF Men’s division.