5 Tips to Up Your Futsal Game

Futsal is easy to watch, but never easy to play sport. It’s dynamics make players learn, how to do everything fast and avoid any long pauses in the movement. It’s not only important to be able to think and act fast, while defending, but – while in possession of the ball too.

Every futsal player has to be able to control the ball well. A successful futsal player has to have a decent level of 1st touch, passing and shooting. It’s good, if a player can also dribble well.

1. Take it step by step – learn each skills until you feel, you have improved it significantly (even if it’s not ideal yet, you have to feel the difference of how it was before and how much better it is now); only then move to learn another skill.

2. Learn from experience of other futsal players – watch games, watch your teammates, watch your opponents; analyse, what they are doing wrong and what – right; then avoid repeating, what’s wrong and always try to copy, what’s right.

3. Make a ball your best buddy – try to touch the ball as much as you can. When you are training, choose the drills, where the ball can be used instead of drills without the ball. Warming-up? Do it with the ball! Running? Do it with the ball! Resting between the drills? Put the ball by you and let your feet feel it all the time.

4. Start learning each new move with your main foot. When you have mastered the move with the main foot, only then learn the same move with your weaker foot.

5. Be persistent and disciplined during your learning process! To put it simple: always stick to the plan! If you have decided to improve your short passing in two month and have chosen drills for it, then do exactly these drills during exactly two month. Don’t change your routine just because something is not going as easy as you wanted it to be. Remember: improvement is a process and only the most persistent ones succeed.